(Watch in HD for best results please!)


Dementophobia (teaser for short film)

De Wraakengel (short film)

Crazy Cult Roadshow – Big Trouble In Fuckin’ M-Town (music video)

Amalga (short dance film, in collaboration with dancer/choreograph Axelle De Rore and composer Wouter Gulikers)

Junkestra – Luscious Lips & Marshmellow Hips (music video, 2015)

Jacht (teaser for the short film Jacht, 2015)

Junkestra – Live at Cultura Nova (live recording, full set on their Youtube channel)

Young Pioneers (promotional teaser, 2014)

Wietgepasseerd (short film, 2013)

Nachtwakers (special premiere teaser)

Stomme Pech (short film, 2012)