About us

Redsquatch Productions focusses on making creative audiovisual and original productions. We do different types of projects. So far we’ve worked on short films, music video’s, compilations, event video’s, documentary and promotional films. If you have a project or production you’d like us to work on, please contact us.

Next to that, we also initiate and facilitate our own productions as well, since we have a great passion for making creative content, in particular fiction/film.

Hi, I’m Steven van der Vegt and I run Redsquatch Productions. I grew up as a kid with a lot of fantasy and a love for stories, movies and music. In my teenage years I started making short video’s and playing in bands. That eventually led me to study to be a cameraman, video-editor and audio-technician in Eindhoven. After a hiatus of studying, where I focussed on making music, I found out my passion careerwise was making video and film productions. That’s when I started going to film school, to become a better director, writer and producer.

I was inspired by the kind of filmmakers like i.e. Robert Rodriguez and John Carpenter, who do so much of the productional work themselves.  They not only direct, write and produce, but also get behind the camera, do the editing and the music themselves. I wanted to do the same. I’ve written, directed, produced, shot, edited and sometimes scored productions, which also helps me understand the different aspects of a production. Like the filmmakers that inspired me, I feel that creativity overrules budget, technical possibilities and and other restraints. Most importantly though, I have a great passion for what I’m able to do and that’s telling stories through a lens.