Dementophobia off to a good film festival start!

Our short film DEMENTOPHOBIA has been sent to a bit more than 30 film festivals internationally. The first two notifications have been succesfull! We’re selected for Frostbite International Indie Fest in Colorado and we’re semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest. So that’s great news for us so far, being able to add our first laurels to this project. Hopefully much more will follow, we’ll keep you posted.


A filmmaker’s showreel

Since I’m entering film festivals at the moment and trying to get more connected with the outside world as a filmmaker, I thought it was about time to edit a showreel. Seems harder to choose parts from projects, than actually making the projects themselves. I tried to pick the parts that represent individual quality as well as the variaty I want to express as a filmmaker. Unfortunately, I had to leave a lot of projects out of it, in order not to stretch the running time even longer. Check it for yourself:

Teaser, poster & avant-premiere for ‘Dementophobia’

It’s been a few months since we wrapped our upcoming shortfilm ‘Dementophobia’, but in August 17th there will be a pre-premiere at the Lumière in Maastricht, starting at 19:30h.

Also, check the teaser:

And ofcourse the poster:


‘Dementophobia’ is wrapped!

After much preparation and some delay, our upcoming short film was shot during the weekend on the 17th and 18th February. Everything was shot during 24 hours on two days, concluding in 150GB of material. All went well and all was shot. Now we’re off to post-production, hiding in the editing room, trying to make something very cool. Here’s a set photo to give you a little something:


‘Dementophobia’ is funded!

At the end of last year we completed our crowdfunding campaign and made our budget complete. The last preparations are being made at the moment, to start filming at the end of february. We’re looking forward to bring you updates during production, so keep an eye on our Facebookpage:

Crowfunding campaign for new short film!

Hi everyone! Together with a passionate team of cast and crew, we are working on a new short film called ‘Dementophobia’. The flick is about a young woman named Zooëy, who’s stalked by a masked man at night, while her psychiatrist thinks she imagines this during panic attacks.

We’re still short on some funds though, that’s why we set up a crowdfunding campaign. With your help we can start shooting this december, so check the webpage:

To get a first impression, there’s a short teaser online:

We would love it if you could help us out! For more info you can also send an e-mail to:

Check out our latest short ‘De Wraakengel’

What started this january as a gear-test, turned into a short film. You can watch it now and turn on English subs!

New short film due to this week

It’s been more than half a year since we finished production on our short film “De Wraakengel” (tr. “Angel of Vengeance”), but in between making music it got shelved. However, finally it got picked up back in post-production and the last tweaks are getting done. We will release the film by the end of this week on Youtube, for everyone free to see.


Music video “Big Trouble In Fuckin’ M-Town”

This may we shot the music video for Crazy Cult Roadshow’s new single “Big Trouble In Fuckin’ M-Town”.

New website, new gear and new short film in production

Hi everybody! We thought of starting the New Year in a productive way, therefore we created a new website, as well as a brand new short film called  “De Wraakengel’’ in production. Our company’s main focus is on producing rather creative and artistic productions now, with a special concentration on the fiction genre, hence we’re adjusting everything accordingly. However, we’re still available for external productions, although we’ll be more captious of which productions we’ll precede. In addition, we’ve bought some new equipment, which we took out for a test filming, to see how the new camera performs. If you want to take a first glimpse, have a look: